29. September – Downtown Brisbane

Slowly we get accoustomed to the new time – 8 hours time difference is really hard. We don’t make it in time to downtown Brisbane – 25 km – to do a boat tour on the Brisbane river which starts at 12.30 p.m. It is impossible to find a parking place – the town is full of people (and cars). The parking station which we find after some time charges 10 AUD for half an hour.

Finally, we find a place near the „Maritim Museum“ (mainly showing war ships – we didn’t go). By that time, the boat doing the round trip is on its way since long. But only 10 steps away is the landing of the „City Hopper“.


These boats connect differents points in downtown – for free. Unfortunately, the one we got didn’t have a sun shelter on the roof. That’s why we stayed downstairs – although the view was a bit constraint. Anyways, it was a good way to see Brisbane‘ waterfront like this.

Tomorrow, there will be the so called Brisbane Riverfire – like in Cologne on the river Rhine. It is a big event (which attracts a huge amount of people) which we will miss as we will be in Melbourne when the first firework starts.

We got a first impression of what will happen through the Australian Airforce. The jet fighters rumble through the CBD between the skyscrapers with extraordinary noise.









We, however, use another offer of the city (1.8 million inhabitants): the bikes. They can be taken from 180 stations allover the city – quite handy.

As we will come back to Brisbane we will most probably use this boat and bike offer again.

Before dinner, Annette was keen on going to an organic shop:

We ended up for dinner in a vegetarian restaurant in Westend.

Tomorrow, we will head to Melbourne….